Panch Jyotirlinga Tour From Pune

Panch Jyotirlinga Tour From Pune

Pilgrimage tours are quite common around Pune, within Maharashtra. There are also some of the Jyotirlingas that are considered as some of the most sacred existences here. If you’re planning to take up a Panch (five) Jyotirlinga tour, findings the best ways to travel is something essential. Looking for some explicit experiences and best package for five (5) Jyotirlinga to get through these positive places is quite important.

From the twelve jyotirlingas all over India, five could be visited within Maharashtra. Exploring these would be something really auspicious and rejuvenating. While a visit to these Jyotirlingas is said to bring happiness and peace to the lives of these devotees, at Sainath cabs, we ensure that best services are extended to all of our customers.



Tour Package for Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra

Everyone wants to attract pleasurable experiences as they move across places. In comparison to any other means of traveling like trains or buses, cabs are likely to help out better. The five Jyotirlingas that are situated in Maharashtra include Aundha Nagnath, Bhimashankar, Parli Vaijnath, Ghrishneshwar, and Triamabakeshwar.  All of them are known for different tales and various events that may be considered important.

Bhimashankar, Pune

Bhimashankar is known to be one of the holiest and most ancient holy shrines of Shiva. It is surrounded by verdant, scenic forests and lush areas. These forests have been declared as the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, Lord Shiva is portrayed in the form of half woman and half man (Ardhanarishwar). There is a continuous flow of water from this Jyotirling. It is believed that this water is originated due to Lord Shiva sweating,

Trimbakeshwar, Nashik

This one is considered as a major Jyotirlinga among all twelve jyotirlongas in India. It is also known to be the origin of Godavari River. Considering different directions at the location of this jyotirlinga the sun, the moon and Agni, make up the three eyes. The three faced lingam is known to be the most unique and fascinating aspect about this temple. These three faces represent Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Ghrishneshwar, Aurangabad

Situated in the Verul village near Aurangabad, the Ghrishneshwar temple is known to be made out of red rocks. The walls of this temple are made out beautifully with beautifully carved holy inscriptions, and other works of art. The temple structure is massive and includes a five-tier shikara. Being the last one among all jyotirlingas, this temple is considered to be one of the most important shrines on earth.

Aundha Nagnath Temple

This one is also an ancient temple situated in the Hingoli district, Maharashtra. This temple is also known to be closely associated with saints Jñāneśvar, Namdev, and Visoba Khechara. The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev is also believed to have visited this temple. The lingam in this temple faces towards the South and the Gomukha faces towards the east. The main shrine is situated in the basement level therefore; devotees would need to climb down to worship the main lingam. Snakes with open hoods have been often seen by the devotees, guarding the lingam.

Parli Vaijnath Temple

Also, known as Parli Vaidyanath temple, this one is known to be situated in Beed District, Maharashtra. It is believed that anyone who touches the Linga would acquire the power of Amrit. It is because Lord Vishnu was known to hide both Dhanbantari and Amrit within the Linga. The devotees are allowed to embrace the linga as they worship. This helps in reaping and healing various diseases and holds on to various health benefits. This also regarded as the place where both Hari and Hara meet. Therefore, the festivals and rituals of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are celebrated here.

Along with the Jyotirlingas, there are many more places around that could be visited when you have a perfect cab hired to guide you through places.

Getting cabs that are easily available

There are many affordable packages that are available for hiring cabs that can take you to desirable places. We make sure that there are plans, suitable enough to not cause our clients to step back from having some good time with their family and friends. We understand that you will always want to make out the best from all the resources you give away. Therefore, we endeavor to bring you excellent services with regards to car rentals.

At Sainath cabs, along with efficient cars and drivers, we also allow you to access customized packages according to your requirements. You may choose the vehicles you would like to travel by and the places you would visit. With the best of our services, we ensure that customer satisfaction is perfectly met. We see to the fact that the best values are maintained as you move across the five jyotirlingas in Maharashtra.


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